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Idea Bright Marketing has spent the past 8 years dedicated to nothing else other than how technology can effectively fit into industrial marketing. Industrial marketing is simply a different breed of marketing, and it was time that an agency dedicated their efforts to understanding the needs of the industrial marketing community and adapted their online strategies to those needs.

We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate any stage of the industrial sales cycle. Whether you’re expanding product lines, taking a new product to market, or looking to become a market leader in your existing market, we have the industrial solution that you need to successfully integrate technology into your marketing.

Our team gives you the confidence you need to know that your online industrial marketing is being carried out in the most effective, comprehensible way possible. We are dedicated to your project and welcome the opportunity to present a plan to you before any decisions are made. Our industrial marketing strategies, designed around technology, speak for themselves. We give you the confidence you need before making any decisions, to make the right decision.

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“A Life Saver When it Comes to Lead Generation Online!”

- 5 Day Kitchens of Hampton Roads


Data Driven SEO

If you’re like many, you may have been fooled by “SEO Professionals” who take a stab at ranking strong keywords on your website. In industrial marketing, more knowledge is more power. Our systems analyze visitors in real time, follow their interactions, analyze competition, and create data driven SEO strategies based on dollar values, not rankings. Our strategy plans speak for themselves. We don’t hold back anything in our SEO campaigns so that you can be sure you’re getting the best market share possible.

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Industrial Marketing Content

One Team. One Contact.

As soon as you become a client of Idea Bright Marketing, we become a member of your team. We integrate seamlessly with your existing departments and management teams to offer an consultative approach unmatched in the market. Websites, SEO, PPC, E-mail, Automation, Analytics, Strategy; We’re here for it all and to manage each aspect of your online marketing campaigns meticulously, so you can focus on what you do best, and so can we. Industrial marketing has never been so efficient.

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Industrial Marketing Websites

Superior Website Design & Development

Starbucks, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, FedEx. These are some of the companies our design and development team has worked with. We understand how critical proper programming, strategic design and smooth user experiences are to the overall marketing goal. Every client gets a design analysis completed upon coming aboard and it’s well worth it. Whether it’s HTML, Java, HTML5, Python, PHP, Ruby, Animation, etc. We speak the language. We’ll carefully put together a project plan that works.

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