5 Ways to Jump Start Industrial Social Media

Social Media ?Most industrial companies know that social media is a powerful and effective marketing platform and want to make use of the opportunity to boost their market visibility and attract relevant customers. The days of focusing on conventional initiatives to face the fierce market competition is well and truly over. Social media is the preferred way of most businesses to gain better recognition for their products and services.

Industrial companies are also creating their own social network and online events where all business prospects including company employees and administrators can come together to share experiences and ideas and place suggestion on any aspect of business. There are some excellent online platforms that you can adopt to take the fullest advantage of social media marketing potential.

5 Platforms to Immediately Use for Industrial Social Media

  1. Twitter is one of the easiest ways to attract more publicity for your latest offerings or to get people to attend your trade shows. In fact, major trade shows now have a Twitter hash-tag that give companies the ability to update information to the last minute on events and happenings in the company and the industry as a whole. You may have customers and associates who may not be able to attend important business functions, shows and meetings. They can catch up with the latest on your company front through your twitter account.
  1. Facebook needs no introduction to entrepreneurs who understand the impact social media can have on business potential. However, features such as short messaging service on Facebook allows people to text commands to fans and gives regular updates about happenings creating an always evolving marketing platform 24 hours a day.
  1. Using QR codes is another way which industrial companies adopt to use social media. They can be used at exhibitions, shows or conferences on flyers, gifts and catalogues. This can help customers or other recipients get information about a specific service or product without asking any technical staff or others present in the conference or trade meet.
  1. Professionally created videos about various features of your product and service can be shot and uploaded on prominent social media sites such as YouTube for the benefit of your targeted audience.
  1. Popular social networking sites such as Linkedin are powerful platforms to showcase the objectives and achievements of your industrial house. The site brings together professionals and companies on an easy-to-exchange-information platform. You can communicate with entrepreneurs and customers looking for your type of product and services. It is a convenient way to connect with people who have interests that are industry specific.

Social media has many more advantages and uses.? A great resource I recommend for social media is Chris Brogan.? This is a stepping stone to jump start your social media efforts, so dive in.

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